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From $139,000 – $3,000,000

Future Home Living has revolutionised the Perth building industry with their 15-week build time setting a new benchmark for home construction. The innovative team have streamlined the construction process and their clever tilt panel construction method means that your next home is built faster, with big cost savings compared to traditional construction.

The unique tilt up construction system is made in Australia from quality sustainable components and you can choose one of our home designs or your plans can be adapted for tilt panel construction. On site, panels are slotted into channels in the concrete slab and tied to the roof with steel rods. The tilt panel system is cyclone rated for both single and double storey dwellings.

The streamlined construction method slashes labour and site costs, resulting in an overall cost saving. The tilt up panels have superior thermal efficiency and exceed the six-star energy rating for new homes. Precise planning means there’s less building waste, resulting in savings for you and reducing the impact on the environment.