Why FHL?

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The FHL Difference

Why choose us?

Thanks to the innovation of Future Home Living, home buyers in Perth have never had it so easy to get into their own home.

If you’re a first home buyer you are likely eager to get on with your life and build a better future, here at FHL we understand when you want your own space, you want it now.


The 15-week Build

That’s why we’ve created the 15 week build time guarantee – we are committed to making sure your home is finished in 15 weeks with our revolutionised and streamlined building process. Through the use of advanced and innovative building techniques, you can count on us to deliver a premium quality build in a fraction of the time.

We are 100% confident our efficiency can’t be matched by any other Perth home builders. By choosing FHL you’ll save money on rent and be in your own home faster than you think. If you’re an investor that means a more immediate return on your investment, and if you’re a first home buyer that means we’ll have you in your home sooner.

The ability to build a modern home in a shorter time frame will also save you money on:

  • Labor costs,
  • Site costs,
  • Building costs. 

House and Land Packages

FHL will also help you find the right block of land, with a range of affordable house and land packages all over Perth. These take into account affordability, location and lifestyle, so no matter what you’re after there’s a package that’s just right for you. Plus, our house and land packages can also be tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

Diverse Home Designs

Flexibility is key to our business success, and we’ll assist you in selecting the perfect design to suit your needs.

All our designs are modern and comfortable, with a strong commitment to sustainability through:

  • Superior thermal efficiency, surpassing the 6-star energy rating,
  • Precise materials and a highly exact build technique, resulting in less waste.

With experienced staff and home builders in Perth, our commitment to value and efficiency will ensure you receive the very best package to suit your needs – and we’ll have you in your home sooner, guaranteed! So whether it’s your first build or your last, give us a call on 9444 9333 to find out how we can help you.