Top 5 Tips For Building A Two Storey Home On A Small Block

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Two storey homes in Perth are now more popular than ever. Driven by soaring land prices and a move towards urban infill, smaller, subdivided blocks in desirable areas are becoming increasingly common. If you’re one of the many Perth home builders going down this “less-is-more” route, building a two storey home is the most logical way to make the most out of a smaller plot of land.

That being said, completing this type of build successfully requires some smart decision making. To help you come away from the process with a house that you’re going to love, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 tips for building a two storey home on a small block.

Make A List Of Your Priorities

Building on a smaller block means that you might not be able to have everything that you want. That’s why it’s important to make a detailed list of the things that are important to you. How essential is privacy? Do you love cooking and/or entertaining? Do you have pets? Do you have sports equipment to store?

Listing all of these in order of how important they are to you will help when it comes to designing your two storey home. You’ll know what’s non-negotiable and what areas you can compromise on if needs be.

Consider The Future

Think carefully about how long you plan to live in the house and design your two storey home around these requirements. If you’re planning on raising a family, then make sure you include enough bedrooms and living space. Similarly, if you’re planning on growing old there, factoring in space for a small home elevator can allow you to continue to live in your home when mobility issues (such as navigating the stairs) could otherwise be a serious safety issue.

Height & Light

One of the biggest challenges on a small block build is giving it a sense of space. Having ceilings that are 2.7m or higher and letting in lots of natural light can help stop things from feeling dingy and cramped. Make sure you factor in shade cast by neighbouring buildings and vegetation.

Open Plan Living

Already an extremely popular design choice for modern homes, modern plan living can help a two storey home on a smaller block feel more spacious and help it to flow better. It’ll also make your space more versatile and allow more light and air to filter through the building.

Energy Efficiency

If not designed properly, two storey houses have the potential to result in higher electricity bills. However, a bit of forethought and planning can help you avoid this. Double glazed windows, great roofing insulation, solar panels and solar passive design can all be utilized to ensure that your power bills (and thus your carbon footprint) are as small as possible.

Thinking of making the most of a smaller block of land by building an amazing two storey house? As one of Perth’s most passionate, dedicated and innovative building companies, we can work with you to ensure that you end up with a well designed home that ticks all of the right boxes. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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