Tilt-Up Panel Home Construction: Why You Need To Know About This Revolutionary Home Building Technique

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Why You Need To Know About This Revolutionary

Thanks to the advances in technology, housing construction has well and truly come a long way. Part of this technological revolution means that building a property can now be a more affordable, faster, eco-friendly option. One of these advances includes the creation of a tilt-up panel construction technique. Traditionally more popular in commercial and industrial builds, it is now taking the Australian residential housing sector by storm.

What is tilt-up construction?

Tilt-up panel construction is where pre-cast panels come ready on-site and are then lifted and slotted into the channels of a concrete slab forming the exterior walls. Once installed, they are held in position horizontally using steel rods while the roofing structure is built. The panels are then connected to the roof. Tilt-up panels are made from quality sustainable components that are cyclone rated and can be customized for use in both single and double-story dwellings.


There are a host of benefits associated with using the tilt-up panel technique, with one of the biggest ones being efficiency.

  • Time
    Tilt-up panels are a far quicker, more streamlined method of construction than using other traditional methods in Western Australia, such as masonry (where delays are commonly experienced while waiting for bricks to be delivered) and days are spent constructing the walls, not to mention waiting for the cement to set. As a result, this means using tilt-up panels greatly reduces the amount of time taken to complete a build. In Perth, Future Home Living has revolutionized the building sector with its fifteen-week build time, setting a new benchmark in the local construction market.
  • Cost-effective
    Tilt panel homes offer great cost-effectiveness in a couple of important areas. Firstly, because they allow you to get into your new home so quickly, it enables you to reduce the amount of time that you’re stuck paying rent/a mortgage on two properties at the same time while you build (something that can really add up over time if you’re building a home using traditional methods).
    Secondly, their increased insulation and energy efficiency will mean that you’ll save a huge amount on heating and cooling costs over the lifetime of the building.
  • Environmentally-friendly
    The tilt-up panel technique is also far better for the environment. Thanks to their superior thermal efficiency, homes built using the tilt-up construction method exceed the six-star energy rating for new homes. The panels themselves are also eco-friendly, made in Australia from building components that are fully sustainable. The precise production method used to make the panels means there’s also less building material waste, reducing the overall impact on the environment.
  • Safe
    Due to the lack of requirement for scaffolding and vertical formwork, tilt-up is an extremely safe method of working. The panels are simply made at ground level, often using a solid concrete floor slab as a stable work surface.
  • Versatile
    Tilt-up panels can be built to fit most custom-design houses, making them an extremely versatile construction option.

To read more about tilt-up panel construction, visit the Future Home Living site here. Get in touch online or call us today on 9444 9333 to talk about how the tilt-up panel technique can become an integral part of your next build.

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