The Hurter Family, Hilbert

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We started this journey of building our first home in Australia late 2015. We were so happy and excited to have our own brand new home. Thanks to Future Home Living our dream came true and we are moving in on Friday. The slab went down in January and we are moving in 14 weeks later. What we loved about this experience was the fact that the Director Mr David Savietto of FHL was involved in the whole process. He was on site and dealt with us directly keeping a close watch on the project. He really cares about his product but more importantly he is more concerned about the clients being happy. He responds to email quickly and is a pleasant person to deal with which makes this journey so much more pleasant and exciting.

At our pre key handover meeting walk through the house to point our issues that need to be sorted before key hand over. David really paid attention to detail and notices the smallest things we would have missed and it all got sorted within a week.

To David and the rest of the team that help. Thank you for our home. May this wonderful product you have flood the market with success.

Thank you
The Hurters

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