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I would like to express how pleased we are to have engaged Sovereign Building Company to build our new family home.

We had previously gone some way with a well-known luxury project home builder but were becoming concerned with the lack of personal engagement under that process, and eventually decided to go with a smaller family business and hopefully obtain a more personalised experience.

With Sovereign we straight away knew we were in the right place.

Enzo, David and Tore understood that as designers, we had some very specific expectations and that some of the elements of the build would be fairly unique. The process of workshopping options and solutions gave us immediate comfort that we were understood as a client, and that all going well, we were going to be very happy with the finished build.

The completed working drawings included many elements researched by Tore making our personalised design even better than we had expected. Happily, the contract sum was to expectation and we knew we were getting good value for our money.

With both price and quality to our liking, I was concerned about programme, as experience has taught me that all three elements are hard to achieve. Company owner Dave Savietto reassured us that he needed only nine months to complete the build and conservatively we took out a one-year lease on a house to cover any time overruns.

Dave himself looked after the building works, and he had his trades very efficiently scheduled, with the effect that our 2-storey brick and concrete home took only nine months to build. It literally flew up!

It is worth adding that the nine months included the typical industry Christmas shut-down period. It is also worth noting the quality of finish is immaculate.

We are now happily settled in our new home and have another month or so on the rental lease which is frankly unbelievable. Based on our experiences, I thoroughly recommend Dave and his Sovereign team to customers who are after a highquality, custom designed home, built fast and to a good price.

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