Ruocchio Stanton

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We had a good, smooth build from start to finish. Any issues or concerns were cleared up by David and his team immediately. They were very efficient with their replies and getting back to us as soon as they could.

The benefits we found from working with a smaller building company was definitely the quick build time, as well as the fact David was not only the supervisor but the owner too so any calls that had to be made on site were done immediately instead of having to go through several different people to get an answer.

All in all, we had a great experience building with this company, and not only would we recommend future home living to all our friends and family but we wouldn’t build with anyone else from now on. One of the best things we found was that FHL allowed us to do our own work on site while the building was taking place, and I think that’s something great that not many companies would allow.

If you are looking for an incredible company to build with, that has amazing build tomes, a great finished product and exceptional staff, then look no further!

Ruocchio Stanton

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