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When we commenced the process of locating a block and building, we had reservations over who we would build with. Being our first building experience after a string of established homes, we didn’t know what to expect. Every family or friend we asked did not have a pleasant experience, and the list of builders family or friends would not build with again were very quickly whittling down the list of who we could choose.

By pure coincidence we visited David to discuss the concept of building and estimated costs. We were blown away by the level of service; he immediately offered to come and view a block we hadn’t even made on offer on yet, and gave us estimates of costs for retaining, site works, subdivision concerns and consultants we could use in the subdivision process. As we progressed through the entire building process we realised this culture of service is one that pervades the entire company.

One of the things that impressed us most is Sovereign’s approach; it is very transparent. Without the “hook” of locking you into the build process right at the beginning, Sovereign have a very transparent process where you pay nominal fees through the planning process, with full ownership of the design, building permits, pre-start selections, etc. Only when you are ready to build do you sign the final contract, with no contract break costs up to that point and a credit against the fixed contract amount for the nominal payments made during the planning process. No build process is without issues, but David dealt with these efficiently and professionally. He was also flexible enough to let our other trades through to complete their parts of the home whilst he was managing the remainder of the building process.

In looking at the finished product, I can say Sovereign live up to their reputation for building a quality home. David has been very particular throughout the process, and most impressively, delivered a home in a time frame almost 30% quicker than he estimated. We would happily recommend Sovereign to family and friends who are looking to build a quality home and enjoy excellent service.

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