Chandra Selagamsetty & Neelima Srungarapu

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After moving into our new home surprisingly we got a lot of uninvited guests, mostly from the neighbourhood and tradies enquiring about the build time and SIPs Eco Panel Home. All of them were watching the build very closely and everyone expressed kudos to FHL and how they built the whole home so quickly.

As a customer we are very new to the housing market in Australia and approached FHL House and Land package immediately on the first meeting with the sales team. After visiting the display home we signed our PPA’s.

We were initially a bit skeptical about the decision to go with FHL but we are very happy to see the whole journey to build a new home went smoothly. We had quite a long wait time to get the title release from the landlord. The FHL team is very supportive and was following up with the land owner diligently, always keeping up informed on what is happening next. Once construction started there were some delays with council but all was covered up with the speed of construction.

We would like to thank all of the FHL team for helping us to settle down smoothly in our new home, keeping us informed about the delays from council and the very quick handover to save a huge fortune in paying rent.

We would surely recommend FHL to anyone wanting to build quickly and without having enough knowledge about all the construction jargon. They can rely on the FHL team for all the support they need.

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