Amanda Russo

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Building a house can be a very daunting experience, but not for us, because we chose Sovereign. The initial processes that have to take place in order to get to site were easy and achieved quickly, with every change in plan and question addressed with professionalism and a very accommodating nature by the staff.

Once the house was begun, we were blown away by how quickly the stages were completed. We managed to move into our two-storey home within eight months, and could not have asked for more. The directors and supervisors were flexible and patient with us as first-time builders, and the quality is second-to-none, despite the speed of the build.

Not only were we ecstatic to move into our amazing home so quickly, but were, and still are, grateful for the ongoing support we have received from Sovereign. We chose Sovereign because they are a small family business and have certainly felt that we were not “just another client”, lost in the building world. Unfortunately, we will never have the pleasure of building with Sovereign again, because our house is too perfect to leave!

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