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Bac was our initial builder and we anticipated a higher price and endless meetings without action, it was not until we got a recommendation from a friend about FHL and the progress has been fast-tracked within our budget.

The fixed timeframe and fixed price gave us a lot of confidence as first-time developers. The services from Alec at FHL was second to none and we highly recommend Future Home Living.

Appreciate what you have done for us. Well done!

Wejing Cheng and Dong Qui,
St James
Wejing Cheng and Dong Qui

My wife and I spent a vast amount of time researching various building companies to try to build as eco friendly and efficient home as possible. We took into account the type of building materials used, speed of build and cost. After narrowing it down to a few last options we ended up going with Future Home Living as they ticked all the boxes and had very positive reviews and testimonials.

The whole process was made very easy and the team were extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build in the future.

David Gull & Jackie Dent

David Gull & Jackie Dent

Future Home Living are fantastic to deal with. They were very good in keeping in contact with us every step of the way. We are very happy with our new house.

I would recommend to anyone to build with Future Home Living.

Daniel Atkins

Daniel Atkins

The whole process with FHL was wonderful and stress free. The build time is insanely quick and the final product was faultless. We found the team at FHL very professional and knowledgeable. We will absolutely build with them again no questions.

Sean Raynor

Sean Raynor

We had always wanted to build our dream home using environmentally friendly material. FHL’s ecostruct panels were very appealing and the sheer speed of the build was astounding. Gianni & Dave had been a pleasure to work with and accommodated to all our needs. The quality of the craftsmanship was of a high calibre.

We will definitely recommend FHL to our friends & family.

Chris and Yasantha Eleperuma

Chris and Yasantha Eleperuma

As a disabled first home buyer, I needed to know all my creature comforts and needs would be seen to. From start to finish FHL delivered great service to ensure our home was built to (above) standard, and in a timeframe that puts other builders to shame. David, Tore and Gianni took service delivery to the next level, each showing personable, genuine compassion in dealing with our queries and they always made themselves available to do so. We are very satisfied and I feel happy and safe now I’m home.

The best decision we made was choosing FHL!



We are about to sign up with these guys. I have done several builds in the past and these guys are by far the best I have dealt with. Nothing is too much trouble and their customer service is above and beyond.

Will continue to post throughout the build process but if it is anything like what we have experienced thus far then I cannot recommend them enough!

Rick Weskin

Rick Weskin

This was my first building experience and I have been very impressed with the ease and efficiency of this process with Future Home Living. I was surprised with how quickly it all went up and with a high level of workmanship.
Gianni, the building manager was great to communicate with and worked with me to sort out any issues I had. David, the project/ construction manager was easy and professional to work with also.

I would build with them again.

Tam Tang



Tam Tang

We were first interested in Future Home Living because of the speed of the build. The 15 week guarantee was hard to pass up when we were planning to live with my parents during the build. From the moment we saw the display homes we were sold, beautiful designs, quality and environmentally friendly. Gianni, Tore, Dave and all the office staff have been professional and helpful the whole process. We will definitely build with Future Home Living again.

Karen H


Karen H

Big thanks to Gianni and Dave and Future Home Living we are now settled and thoroughly enjoying our new beautiful home. We were blown away with how quickly everything all come together. Nothing was too much trouble and we were always kept up to date with where we were at with the build and time frames. Nothing was too much trouble and I would most definitely recommend Future Home Living to friends and family in the future.

We are now just waiting for the 6 months touch up, if the build was anything to go by this will be no trouble as well.

Thank you again for making our dream reality.

Brett Lacey

Brett Lacey

We had a good, smooth build from start to finish. Any issues or concerns were cleared up by David and his team immediately. They were very efficient with their replies and getting back to us as soon as they could.

The benefits we found from working with a smaller building company was definitely the quick build time, as well as the fact David was not only the supervisor but the owner too so any calls that had to be made on site were done immediately instead of having to go through several different people to get an answer.

All in all, we had a great experience building with this company, and not only would we recommend future home living to all our friends and family but we wouldn’t build with anyone else from now on. One of the best things we found was that FHL allowed us to do our own work on site while the building was taking place, and I think that’s something great that not many companies would allow.

If you are looking for an incredible company to build with, that has amazing build tomes, a great finished product and exceptional staff, then look no further!

Ruocchio Stanton

Ruocchio Stanton

As always said we were really impressed with building timelines….We do not think anyone could beat Future Home Living in timelines. Being small block we were worried about the internal space but with FHL’s unique way of construction, we got a good internal space which wouldn’t have been possible with brick constructions.

The best part is the FHL team (Gianni, David) is always available when needed. Many Thanks for making our dream home come true…

Murali Krishna Koppu

Murali Krishna Koppu

Future Home Living we found to be very pleasant, helpful, efficient, approachable and professional. We were very satisfied with the finished build and it was done in under the time frame given. We would not hesitate to recommend Future Home Living to build with.

Gavin and Hazel

Gavin and Hazel

My name is Curis and I recently had the pleasure of doing a triplex development with Future Home Living. I found the whole experience went smoothly and was stress free. The end product is amazing and is thermally efficient and I barely need to use the a/c.

I found the team to be extremely helpful and friendly and will definitely be using them for my next development.


Our vision of our new home became true and it all started with Future Home Living’s friendly and helpful sales team. After a small setback with finance the personnel went out of their way to assist us in getting finance. The end product was also in the time allocated. Communication could have been better between builder and client eg. progression during build (photo’s). We have moved in and are very happy to be in our home sweet home. Thank you to the team and contractors/sub-contractors for doing a great job.

De Jager Family,
De Jager Family, Hilbert

I was impressed from the start of the build with the Project Manager, the Director of Future Home Living, Mr David Savietto. He met us on site, the slab down and covered with engineered panels and timber. He explained the unique building process from start to finish, and within the specified time the house was built and finished. I recommend David for his professional ethics, sense of humour, and making a stressful time, Stress free. My concerns always took a priority on his calendar and he always made things happen in a quick and efficient way, solving any problem with the many trades involved. After moving into the home the roof flashing design was not to my liking. Within several days the roofing specialist had removed and replaced the flashing to my liking at no extra charge. Choosing an Eco-friendly home proved the correct decision, spending a hot summer in the home enjoying the cool interior due to the insulated panels.


The Simpkins family,
The Simpkins Family

These people are great. They have provided support when needed it. If I wanted something specific done in a certain way, they had no issue and the job was done. I have asked them so many questions and they have provided me with an answer quickly and also given some suggestions on how I can make it better, and it actually did. I have a great home. Highly recommend Future Home Living. They have great staff and good customer service, these people care about customers and look after them.

The Singh Family, Success
The Singh Family, Success

We started this journey of building our first home in Australia late 2015. We were so happy and excited to have our own brand new home. Thanks to Future Home Living our dream came true and we are moving in on Friday. The slab went down in January and we are moving in 14 weeks later. What we loved about this experience was the fact that the Director Mr David Savietto of FHL was involved in the whole process. He was on site and dealt with us directly keeping a close watch on the project. He really cares about his product but more importantly he is more concerned about the clients being happy. He responds to email quickly and is a pleasant person to deal with which makes this journey so much more pleasant and exciting.

At our pre key handover meeting walk through the house to point our issues that need to be sorted before key hand over. David really paid attention to detail and notices the smallest things we would have missed and it all got sorted within a week.

To David, Gianni and the rest of the team that help. Thank you for our home. May this wonderful product you have flood the market with success.

Thank you
The Hurters

The Hurter Family,
The Hurter Family, Hilbert

Thank you for all your help. From the beginning Daniel was great at explaining what Future Home Living was all about.

He was helpful at putting me at ease with my anxiety of being a first home builder. Explained the process thoroughly and helped to organise Finance.

Gianni was prompt to answer my emails when I had any questions.

Page was very helpful in helping me pick the colours and fittings for the house. Very patient and understanding.

I am pleased with the building time and the finish of the house. It looks great! David was also very supportive in making sure that the final touches were done efficiently.

Thank you.

Farai Makwiranzou, Lakelands
Thank you

As we are fast entering the final stages of our house build in Jane Brook, I thought it would be pertinent to give you some feedback on our build.When we decided to build a new home, all of our family and friends said this would be the most stressful time of our lives. We have found the experience we have had building with Future Home Living has been very straight forward and dare I say, enjoyable. Whenever I have asked any questions about what is happening or asked for progress updates, the information has been given without delay. Any issues, not that there have been many, were dealt with promptly without complaint. Changes made by us were welcomed and implemented as a matter of priority.

True to your word build time is fast, the amount of people that have stopped and commented on the speed of the build was incredible, the house started in October 2015 and is due for completion early March 2016.

I’ve been impressed with the tradesmen who have been prompt, carried out their work quickly and cleaned up after.

Would I recommend building with Future Home Living?… without hesitation.


Mr and Mrs Evans,
Jane Brook
Mr and Mrs Evans

After moving into our new home surprisingly we got a lot of uninvited guests, mostly from the neighbourhood and tradies enquiring about the build time and SIPs Eco Panel Home. All of them were watching the build very closely and everyone expressed kudos to FHL and how they built the whole home so quickly.

As a customer we are very new to the housing market in Australia and approached FHL House and Land package immediately on the first meeting with the sales team. After visiting the display home we signed our PPA’s.

We were initially a bit skeptical about the decision to go with FHL but we are very happy to see the whole journey to build a new home went smoothly. We had quite a long wait time to get the title release from the landlord. The FHL team is very supportive and was following up with the land owner diligently, always keeping up informed on what is happening next. Once construction started there were some delays with council but all was covered up with the speed of construction.

We would like to thank all of the FHL team for helping us to settle down smoothly in our new home, keeping us informed about the delays from council and the very quick handover to save a huge fortune in paying rent.

We would surely recommend FHL to anyone wanting to build quickly and without having enough knowledge about all the construction jargon. They can rely on the FHL team for all the support they need.

Chandra Selagamsetty & Neelima Srungarapu,
Chandra Selagamsetty & Neelima Srungarapu

Our new home is simply beautiful and the construction met our expectations and beyond. The start to the end was a smooth, hassle free process, we were very impressed and satisfied with the final build, we love it and its perfect. We are very happy with the outcome and would recommend Future Home Living to everyone. Honestly can’t be more grateful for such a nice home and smooth run. Our Construction Supervisor David Savietto was very professional, friendly, accessible, honest, always available and willing to go above and beyond. Our Home Owner Specialist Daniel Murphy is one of the best we came across. He kept us well informed from the start and throughout the constructon. The Building Manager Gianni Parri also kept good communication us and all problems were addressed. Also want to thank Mica De Jager and Tone Stillitano for their fabulous input during our per-start meeting. Thank you Future Home Living.

Waseem Asghar,
Thank you Future Home Living