Are We Still Building Double Brick in 2017?

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Double brick houses were the hallmark of the Perth property market for decades. They are found in every suburb around town, especially in the older areas. But with so many advancements in technology, information, and energy efficiency it seems crazy to think Perth home builders are still choosing an outdated and overpriced way to build their homes coming into 2017.

What is double brick anyway?

Glad you asked! Double brick homes are, as the name might suggest, built with two layers of masonry separated by insulation. The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the trend caught on about a century ago, so most people today grew up with the impression that building was brick-or-bust.

Double brick is designed to provide decent insulation and be long lasting. Brick manufacturers will tell you the material provides superior thermal comfort using insulation – but is that really the case? Considering a big chunk (40%) of the standard home’s energy costs come from heating and cooling alone, and double brick homes struggle to meet the minimum 6-star energy efficiency standards for new homes in Perth, it looks like brick’s day is done. So what are the alternatives?

Tilt-up wall panels: more efficient, more cost effective

Times have changed from the days when tilt-up panels came in one variety, for large commercial facilities only. Today there is a huge range of styles, colours, and finishes to suit any residential building project. The unique Ecostruct material we use is not only customisable, it is incredibly energy efficient and cost effective to build and live in.

Our tilt-up homes take less than 15 weeks to build, compared to the many months needed for double brick homes. They use less labour and virtually eliminate the need for costly contractors, so in around three months you can have your own home for less. Not only that, they far exceed the required 6-star energy standards that double brick homes battle to meet.

The price of building a home

Double brick homes are durable, we’ll give them that much. But with Perth’s scorching summers and increasingly cool winters, the air conditioning and heating costs really add up over the years. Wall panel construction eliminates a costly problem called “thermal bridging”, where heat escapes through pipes and cables in double brick cavities. The result is a more comfortable home which stays at the right temperature year-round, and shreds your electricity bills by up to 90% over time.

So tilt-up homes cost less to build, less to maintain, and can be finished in just 15 weeks. Why are people still building double brick homes? Perhaps because they haven’t seen our house and land packages and don’t know there is a much more environmentally conscious, cost friendly option.

Future Home Living have tilt-up designs to suit any block, with a guaranteed 15 week build time. Double brick is a thing of the past – with lower cost materials providing greater energy efficiency and superior comfort, it’s no wonder homes builders in Perth, from first home owners to empty nesters, are looking for a better way to live.

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