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Passive Solar Building

At Future Home Living we’re continuously thinking green to build eco-friendly, energy efficient and sustainable homes throughout the greater Perth metro area.

For every new home build by Future Home Living, we already install a new solar panel system in every home using sustainable panel construction products to make our new homes renewable energy friendly. Whilst this is a fantastic way of utilising renewable energy sources around us, why not ensure that when your house is built initially it is also designed in a energy efficient manner too? All our energy efficient home designs at Future Home Living are passive solar buildings which ensure your home is as energy and eco-friendly as possible from the beginning.

What is Passive Solar Building?

Unlike solar heating systems, passive solar buildings do not use mechanical or electrical devices. It collects, stores and distributes solar energy collected from your windows, floors and walls and uses it to of heat your home in winter and reject solar heat in the summer.

How does it work?

Our West Australian climate is perfect for passive solar builds because of our near all-year round sunshine. Pairing this with strategic window placement, insulation, shading and glazing is an efficient way to utilise the solar energy and keep your power bills down.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of implementing a passive solar design into your next home are endless, with reductions on your electricity bill at the top of the list. Plus our eco-friendly and solar solutions require little to no maintenance. You may only need to do a system check once a year but the system can last from twenty to thirty years without any major maintenance needed. And further to that, at Future Home Living, our passive solar builds are all compatible with our 15 week build time guarantee!

As one of Perth’s largest home builders what makes us unique is our focus on eco-friendly design. With constant changes in the environment we take the responsibility of building sustainable homes very seriously.

To learn more about how Future Home Living can help you design your next solar passive building home, contact us today!