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Designing a new home is an exciting journey and one that has a lot of things to consider. There’s location, block size, layout, number of bedrooms, right down to the flooring and tap fixtures. You want to be comfortable for years, and that starts with energy efficient design which makes your home a nice place to live while reducing your energy costs.

Energy efficient housing

All over the world people have been building energy efficient housing for centuries. Australia is falling behind the rest of the world and desperately needs to catch up to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. New building regulations mean every new home built in Perth since May 2012 has to meet 6-star energy efficiency standards, which is a step forward for first home builders in Perth.

The new standards mean rethinking the way we build houses to do away with inefficient, expensive double brick builds. First home builders are flocking to modern houses built with locally manufactured, sustainable materials. They’re causing a real shake-up in the Perth housing market because the new homes exceed the 6-star standard while being cheaper and faster to build, and saving the owner loads of money on energy bills down the track.

Wall Panel system

Tilt-up panel walls are thermally efficient and easier to construct, making them cost effective for homeowners from day one of the project. Made from Australian materials, the panels slot in to carefully designed channels in the slab to drastically reduce build time. Building a new home in 15 weeks used to sound like a fairy-tale. Now thanks to a precise design process using tilt-up panels, Future Home Living can 100% guarantee a new home will be finished in 15 weeks.

Long term savings start with design

The first home owner’s grant can certainly save you money, and there are a number of other savings along the way which can add up to thousands of dollars. Imagine being able to go on an overseas holiday with the money you saved by designing an efficient first home! For starters choosing thermally efficient materials can reduce your power bills by 30% or more by doing away with air conditions and heating, even in Perth’s harsh climate. Proper insulation and the right appliances all make a difference. If you’re looking to make your new energy efficient home extra efficient, ask us about our energy efficient glazing options.

Then there’s build time. Innovative tilt-up panel systems are guaranteed finished in less than four months, potentially saving you thousands in rental cost and interest payments. Wall panels also cut down the number of people needed to build the house, as well as the amount of material wasted in the process.

Home is where the heart is

You will (hopefully) be living in your home for years, maybe decades. That means it has to be exactly how you imagined and a comfortable place to be all year round. Future Home Living are excited to be bringing innovative, eco-friendly homes to the Perth market because we are all about designing modern homes that will last a lifetime. It’s not just about shaking up the market – we want first home builders to have the best experience and save real money in the process.

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