Single Storey Home Designs

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New Single Storey Home Designs

Brick & Panel Build

From $139,000 – $3,000,000

When it comes to sustainable options, Future Home Living have them in spades. We’ve just made our options even more flexible by going up in the world.

Building a single-storey home no longer comes with the hefty price tag or extended wait times. Thanks to innovative building technology, our panels are entirely pre-made off-site, slashing labour costs and introducing a much safer (and faster) work environment than building on an often hazardous construction site.

Just imagine – no more lengthy delays on your precious build because of the wet weather! Made undercover in our factory, our tilt panel system has enabled us to not only slash labour costs, but wait times as well.

We can take a mere 15 weeks to build our single-storey homes – a new benchmark in the Perth construction industry.

To check out some of our display homes or have a chat with one of our friendly team about which type of house best suits your needs, give us a call today on 9444 9333.

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