Double Storey Home Designs

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Double Storey Home Designs in Perth

From $199,000 – $3,000,000

At Future Home Living our Double Storey Homes are crafted to our clients’ specific needs and requirements. All our homes incorporate spacious bedrooms, generous storage, open-plan living spaces, alfresco areas and designs to make you feel like you’re home.

If you own a small or narrow block but you’re in dire need of maximum living space, then a double-storey home is a great way to go. Building up instead of out has a whole range of benefits, including not having to sacrifice your garden, pool or outdoor living space. Nor will you be forking out for additional foundations.

These days, building a two storey panel home no longer comes with the hefty price tag or extended wait times either. Thanks to innovative building technology, our panels are entirely pre-made off-site, slashing labour costs and introducing a much safer (and faster) work environment than building on an often hazardous construction site.

Explore the homes below to see just how flexible our designs can be, while still creating beautiful homes.

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