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Building a home is a huge investment. For lots of people, it’s the biggest investment that they’ll make in their entire lives, so you want to make absolutely sure that the house that you’re handing over your hard earned money for is built to the highest possible standard. At Future Home Living we understand this, and that’s why we offer a free property inspection report when you build your new home with us.

What is it?

Regardless if the home you’re buying is new or not, a pre-purchase property inspection report is an absolute necessity as it will help you avoid problems, extra costs and potential safety hazards down the track. Having a qualified inspector go through the property with a fine tooth comb will let you know about significant building defects, problems such as rising damp, improperly fitted and/or sealed windows, movement and cracking in the walls and safety hazards (such as faulty electrical wiring or a faulty roof). Once you’d signed on the dotted line and been handed the keys it’s too late and any necessary repairs will have to be paid for out of your own pocket, so you always need to make doubly sure that the property is up to scratch before this happens.

Added Peace Of Mind

So you can be 100% sure that the home we’ve built for you is up to standard and going to stand the test of time we include a pre-purchase property inspection report for free when you sign up to build with us. Not only will this save you upwards of $800 to $1000, it’ll also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an independent 3rd party professional has made sure that everything is ship shape and you won’t get stung with any nasty surprises or extra costs down the line. It’s just an extra way of showing you that we’re fully accountable and confident in both our customer service and build quality.

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