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More and more home investors and builders are turning to house and land packages as an affordable and accessible way to buy their first home – or add to a growing portfolio. However, there is still a misconception out there that house and land packages aren’t likely to provide a particularly good return on investment: that is, you may not make a profit on your home. But, we disagree: with the right builder, location, and price, there’s little doubt that you can gain a significant return on a house and land package.

So, what exactly is a house and land package?

Rather than a traditional established home purchase, or buying a block of land and then acquiring a builder, a house and land package combines the two. Generally, a property developer will acquire sets of land and ensure the infrastructure required is laid (water, utilities) and they then either build homes on the land and sell them as a complete package, or offer a series of home designs and customisations to allow a buyer to create their own home.

Does it suit your needs?

A house and land package can be suitable for the needs of any individual, couple or family. It’s a great option for those who want to build a home, but don’t have the time or funds to create something completely from scratch – or those who want something modern and timeless in an up and coming area. For first home buyers, there is usually a grant available from the government for those who choose a house and land package, with up to $10,000 available. A house and land package is also a great investment for new or growing families, as they provide the space required at a lower price than building from scratch or buying an established home.

How can you gain a great return?

Perhaps the simplest way to ensure a high return on your house and land package is to research your builder and find the perfect company to build your home. Different companies will offer different packages: from the home location to the overall price, their offerings will vary across the board. By choosing a location that is either up and coming or already established as a great investment spot, finding a builder that will create your new home at a reasonable price, and collaborating on the end design to ensure your home is fully functional and aesthetically pleasing, you can ensure a good return when it comes time to re-sell your home.

Future Home Living offer house and land packages across the Perth region in both new and established communities. We offer packages from Yanchep, to the eastern suburbs, to all the way down in Mandurah – and our prices are second to none. You can choose from one of our beautiful ready-made designs, or work with one of our experienced designers to customise your dream home. With a 15 week build time, you can be in your new home in the blink of an eye.

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