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Since May 2012 every new home built in Western Australia is required to meet 6-star energy efficiency standards. That means builders and homeowners need to innovate from the start of the design process right through to when they put the key in the door.

6-star energy standards

Today’s homes need to be more energy efficient to reduce our carbon footprint, improve comfort, and reduce long-term peak demand on the power grid. Trying to meet the 6-star standard with an old style double brick home requires more planning, costlier materials, and more compromises on comfort.

First home builders in Perth are moving away from double brick in droves, towards sustainable building materials which meet the energy efficiency standards and are comfortable to live in for decades. These modern homes are revolutionising the Perth building industry by creating affordable and eco-friendly options for first home builders and investors alike.

Of course this isn’t the first time the building industry has changed to meet the demands of a modern world. In a few years innovative tilt-up style homes will be everywhere in Perth – they are already becoming more and more common as the first home builders grant is allowing more people to enter the market with Future Home Living.

The benefits of innovating

Alternative materials are not only more energy efficient, they also cut down on wasted materials and build time. By choosing to build with high quality, locally produced materials first home builders can be living in their home in under four months. It makes sense that the modern home would feature a more streamlined, contemporary design because we know so much more about building homes than we did 50 years ago.

Smart design means cost savings

An innovative approach to building starts at the design phase. Planning to construct a home around thermal comfort and year-round liveability means taking a whole-house approach right from the start. The size, shape, air flow, insulation, appliances, heating and cooling, windows and doors; these all make a difference to your energy costs and the savings can really add up. Choosing alternative materials can save you thousands over the years on utility bills. That’s a triple saving for first home builders; less cost to build the home, saving time during construction, and reduced energy bills for years to come.

Building an eco-friendly and affordable home in Perth

The first home owners grant is opening the Perth property market to more and more young people looking for independence and asset stability. Because the Established Home Grant went out of play in 2015, building an affordable home is the best way for first home builders to see real savings.

Future Home Living helps first home builders and investors in Perth enter the market with affordable, sustainable homes. Our innovative homes not only meet but exceed the 6-star energy efficiency standards and are structurally guaranteed for as long as you own the home. To find out just how easy it is to build your first home in Perth, contact us or have a look around our website.

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