How Do Our Eco-friendly Homes Work?

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There are so many choices to consider when building a new home, particularly when energy efficiency is right up there on your list of priorities. These days, there are plenty of ways to incorporate eco-friendly systems into the build of your new home, as well as a wide range of products that are big on sustainability. At Future Home Living, we take pride on being one of the few home builders in Perth that strive to create homes that are as environmentally-friendly as possible whilst saving you money.

While many property owners focus on the smaller aspects of energy efficiency when building a new home, such as lighting and fixtures, we prefer to look at the big picture. One of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient from the outset is to construct it using eco-friendly building materials. Future Home Living’s sustainable building methods are revolutionary in Western Australia, and have created a benchmark within the local construction industry. We use a high-grade interlocking wall panel system that is insulated to construct our new homes, which have been manufactured using fully-sustainable components that are recyclable, white ant resistant and act as a fire retardant. The panels have superior thermal efficiency, which have enabled them to exceed the six-star energy rating system applied to new homes in Australia. They are also cyclone rated for both single and double-storey properties. Once on site, the interlocking wall panels are simply slotted into channels in the concrete slab and attached to the roof using steel rods.

At Future Home Living, we use the unique Ecostruct construction method, which allows for the entire construction process to be streamlined for maximum efficiency using minimal tradespeople. As a result, our build times are a mere fifteen weeks long. This makes the building process far more affordable due to labour and site costs being greatly reduced. Our precision planning also means there is minimal building waste during the manufacturing and construction process, which is not only great for the environment, but your hip pocket as well.

There are plenty of other measures to maximise energy efficiency during the build of your new home. Ensure that you only select high-quality doors and windows that seal properly in order to maintain optimal indoor temperatures. If not, drafts will force your heating and cooling systems to work overtime, leading to larger power bills and poor energy efficiency. Choosing a quality roof insulation is another energy-saving measure. Not only will insulation help control the ambient temperature in your home, but it should continue to work effectively for years to come. Harness natural light by installing skylights and larger windows, which will save on power bills, and where you do require lightbulbs, choose energy-efficient ones. Other sustainable architectural options on the market include dual-flush toilets, taps and showerheads that are water-wise, and energy-efficient ducting systems.

For more information about Future Home Living’s eco-friendly home designs, call one of our team today on 9444 9333.

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