Dual Key Living

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Brick & Panel Home Designs For Dual Key Living

From $139,000 – $3,000,000

Future Home Living is excited to announce they now build innovative, sustainable homes that offer dual key living.

Otherwise known as dual occupancy living, dual key house designs provide a whole world of opportunities for you and your family. Whether it be a self-contained space for aged parents or a clever way to generate some extra rental income, dual key homes are becoming increasingly popular as our population becomes older.


Dual key house designs look set to be the way of the future, eliminating the need for a granny flat build or home renovation as you and your family’s needs change.

In essence, you get two homes for the price of one – amazing value! It’s no surprise then that dual key living is becoming a popular, affordable option for many people.


From the street front, our dual key homes look like any other ordinary single-storey home. But look a little closer at the house plans, and you will see two distinct living areas all cleverly designed to fit under the one roof. There is even the potential to have separate lock-up garages.


With our dual key designs, each living area is completely self-contained, giving older parents, visiting relatives or growing teenagers all the freedom and independence they want while providing them with the reassurance of knowing they are a moment away from assistance should they need it.


Our dual key homes are the perfect way to generate an additional income! You can live in one section and rent out the other, offering prospective tenants privacy, a separate entry and their very own kitchen, bedrooms and living area. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

For more information about our innovative dual key house designs, give one of our friendly team a call today on 9444 9333 and get in touch today!