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Future Home Living

FHL is proudly partnered with Sovereign Building Company

Did you know Future Home Living and Sovereign Building Company are sister companies? Sovereign specialises in Property Developments including:

Building an investment property can provide another income stream to help secure your financial future.

If you’re concerned about initial high costs and a lengthy timeline before your property starts generating income then Sovereign and Future Home Living have an investment solution for you.


Innovative and affordable design

Our innovative building process means that your investment property is built using efficient and affordable construction methods. Our low-waste, eco-friendly building process requires less trades than traditional builds and we guarantee our fast 15 week build time for home investors.

Quality and Assurance

Our dedication to quality is second to none, just because we’re building fast and on time doesn’t mean that we’re building cheaply. We’re confident in our ability to give your investment the time and dedication it deserves, to ensure that the final product exceeds you and your tenant’s expectations.

Increase property returns

With our fast build time, your tenants can move in and your property will be generating income much faster than the typical timeline of a traditional build. Our low maintenance and energy efficient designs mean that your investment property will be comfortable and attractive to potential tenants. Speak to Sovereign today about your next investment property.

Project Feasibility Assessment

Sovereign is one of the few building companies on the market that offers a full project feasibility assessment for free, allowing you to test your investments before you make them, we check each cost against its gain to ensure you do not end in the wrong investment.

View an example of one of our project feasibility assessments below:

Download Here – Future Home Living Project Feasibility

FHL Screenshot

Did you know?

Future Home Living can build 5 units in 22 weeks or 3 units in 20 weeks without any compromise in quality?

Get in touch today, we offer a full free feasibility study!