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The Sustainability & Efficiency of Brick & Panel Home Designs

From $139,000 – $3,000,000

In keeping with our passion for sustainability, Future Home Living is pleased to announce the addition of brick & panel homes to its range of housing designs.

Brick & panel homes have an enormous array of eco-friendly benefits, with one of their key advantages being their excellent insulating properties, resulting in a drastic reduction of power bills due to brick’s innate ability to retain heat.

All natural

Bricks are made of clay, an organic material that has a low environmental impact, effectively eliminating the need for chemicals or binders during construction and thereby reducing the amount of toxicity within the home.

Known for their durability and solid construction, people have been successfully using clay to construct homes for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

Bricks are long-lasting and fully recyclable, with many being reclaimed from construction sites to be reused to build driveways, walls, footpaths and patios.

Energy efficiency

Due to their thermal mass, our panel home designs and construction housing models will keep your property warmer in winter and cooler in summer, effectively reducing the amount of heating, cooling and overall power consumption required to keep you and your family comfortable.

In Australia, up to 40% of energy consumed in Australian homes can be attributed to temperature control, which means choosing one of our panel house designs for your new home has the potential to provide significant cost saving benefits to you all year round.

Future Home Living takes pride in offering Perth property buyers a range of sustainable, affordable housing options that result in savings for you and your family, as well as a reduced footprint on our fragile environment.

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