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Why You Need To Know About This Revolutionary

Tilt-Up Panel Home Construction: Why You Need To Know About This Revolutionary Home Building Technique

Thanks to the advances in technology, housing construction has well and truly come a long way. Part of this technological revolution means that building a property can now be a more affordable, faster, eco-friendly option. One of these advances includes ...
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The Benefits Of Choosing A House & Land Package In Perth

These days, there are so many options for purchasing property in Perth that potential homeowners or investors are spoilt for choice. Established homes, townhouses, apartments and buying your house and land separately are just some of the property choices on ...
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5 Ways To Build An Eco Friendly Home

More people becoming aware of the effect their actions have upon the planet has led to an increased demand for eco friendly housing. After all, the ways in which we build and live in our homes represents one of the ...
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Panel Homes: The Revolutionary Construction Method That You Need To Know About

Mention the words ‘house building’ and most people will immediately conjure an image of weatherbeaten brickies laboriously laying bricks and mortar by hand. After all, it’s the way that most homes have been built for centuries. Did you know that ...
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Panel vs Brick & Panel – Which New Home Design Is Best For You?

At Future Home Living we’re really proud to have revolutionised the Perth building industry by introducing a revolutionary new tilt panel construction method. Fast, efficient and eco friendly, it’s helping to redefine what’s possible when it comes to building new ...
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