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Prestart is one of the most exciting times in the whole building process. For those of you that aren’t completely down with the home building lingo, prestart is where you decide how you want the interior of your home to look. The colour scheme, the different materials, the fixtures etc. For most people, this is when the whole thing becomes real. After finding a site and choosing a design and floor plan, you’re now starting to imagine what the space you’ll be living in every day will look and feel like.

Most people, however, are not interior designers. It doesn’t matter how many episodes of The Block you’ve watched while hurling insults at the hapless contestants on your TV, it’s actually a lot harder when you’re faced with making all of these decisions for yourself. What kind of tiles and fittings do you want in the bathroom? Which colour scheme will work best for you? What kind of blinds do you want? Or actually, would curtains be a better idea?

If all of this is causing you to panic, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Unlike other home designs in Perth from other builders, when you build with Future Home Living we’ll actually include your own personal interior designer to help you out with the prestart process. Because they’re familiar with our product range, they’ll be able to discuss your style tastes and preferences and then assist you in choosing the right materials, colour scheme, fixtures and fittings.

Prestart might not seem like the biggest step in the home building journey, but trust us when we say that you don’t want to get it wrong. Just imagine waking up every morning in a house where you hate major features of its interior design – like those horrible curtains silently mocking you while sit down for your daily pre-work coffee.

Not only will our interior designer stop you making bad decisions in the first place, they’ll actually make the whole process a lot smoother and save you time and effort. They will also make sure you take into account factors like your intended furniture layout and electrical requirements – important considerations that might otherwise slip your mind if you’re new to the process.

Want to build a high quality, eco friendly house and get assistance choosing an interior that you’re guaranteed to love? Get in touch with us today on 9444 9333 to find out more about why we offer the best home designs in Perth.

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