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You can be cooler too!

 Future Home Living’s unique panel building system builds homes that are 6x more energy efficient than brick.


Using our innovative panel building system that is environmentally and budget friendly, Future Home Living can build your brand new home from start to finish in just 15 weeks, guaranteed!

Replacing outdated construction methods like brickwork, wall panels are extremely energy efficient and a great source of insulation. Using the panel building method we significantly reduce labour and site costs – which is why we can build your home in less than half the time!

Homes built using the wall panel construction system look just like those built with traditional methods, and – among many other benefits – are more suited to the Australian climate and exceed a six-star energy rating!

Great Insulation.

Wall panels are made up of insulation, meaning it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to have your home insulated. And because your entire home will be comprised of them, there won’t be any hot or cold spots as with generic insulation! The panels are also long-lasting, meaning you won’t ever have to replace them.

20150313_132725Reduced Bills.

With in-built high quality insulation, your heat retention rate will be high, and you’ll require much less energy to keep the house warm. This means you’ll be able to keep your bills down all year round.

More Space.

Wall panels are slim but incredibly sturdy, and take up much less space than traditional brick walls – despite providing the same external dimensions. This means bigger rooms and more space to play with the design of your new home.

Reduced Waste.

Unlike traditional building methods, the panels are pre-cut in a factory to suit each new home they will create: leading to less onsite waste to tidy up at the end of the job.

Here at Future Home Living, we guarantee that your home will be built within 15 weeks.

To get started on building your new environmentally friendly, cost efficient home, get in touch today!