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Wall Panel Construction System


View the list below for reasons why you should choose Future Home Living to build your new home:

  1. Commonly used in construction across Europe for over 30 years
  2. Faster building time periods
  3. BCA Energy efficiency compliant
  4. Superior acoustic & thermal properties
  5. Acrylic textured external finish as standard
  6. Engineering precision due to controlled factory manufacture
  7. Higher compressive strength than traditional methods
  8. Reduced costs when building on reactive soil classifications
  9. Earthquake & cyclone rated
  10. Termite, rodent & rot resistant
  11. Able to be constructed on concrete, timber & steel framed flooring substrates
  12. Larger internal floor area due to external walls being less in width than traditional methods
  13. 75% reduction in site building rubbish
  14. Low emissions during panel manufacture which reduces carbon footprint
  15. Reduced ongoing electricity consumption due to fully insulated wall panels

Future Home Living